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Beginner Stock Market Investing Advice For Idiots

The stock market is a system for the buying and selling of stocks and shares. Before investing in the stock market (especially as an individual investor) you need to know how it works.

As an individual investor you trade (buy and sell) stocks and shares with everyone else in the market. There is no segregation of large and small clients, everybody trades with each other. The price of a stock depends on its demand and supply.

The trading floor of the stock market is where traders shout out their bids and quotes for stocks. Trading is also done on computer terminals in the stock market. All the computers are linked to a network.

Beginner stock market investing advice is far ranging on the internet. I’ve said it before that the individual investor will find it hard to make money in stocks. Most individuals are ready to invest in stocks right now. Yet to make money you need to study and studying takes motivation, which is very hard if all you want to do is impatiently throw your money into stocks.

If you don’t want to study then here are some tips.

1- Throw out the rulebook. There are no set rules for investing and there are no guarantees of success.
2- The best analysts make informed decisions. They have detailed reasons for buying a stock and for selling.
3- Determine how much risk you wish to be open to. This depends on your goals, so have your goals formulated first.
4- Price isn’t the same as value. If investing as an individual look at the reasons some stock is priced high and some is priced low. It cold be that business sector in general is suffering a downturn and it’s having a knock-on effect of other, more stable stocks.
5- Check a companies net worth, which is profit AFTER taxes.
6- Depending on your investment capital you should spread your investment risk. It is OK to have money in riskier and potentially higher return stocks, just balance it out by having capital in a variety of stocks and other investments.

The best advice I received was no matter what the economic conditions you should always invest because in the long run you’ll come out on top. Put it this way, whoever got rich putting money in the bank? You know what the banks do? They invest your money and make more money. Isn’t it about time you invested your money?